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Delaware Polished tanks

Elite Polishing a full service polishing/ restoration shop serving Deleware, focusing on custom polishing services; from bolts to boats!

We pride ourselves on our ability to restore the worst rotten and broken pieces to a show quality mirror finish.

Most of our business is in autos and motorcycles, but most anything made of metal is gladly accepted.

We offer anything from street polish to the best finish humanly possible. We are well accustomed to restoring extremely rare and valuable pieces.

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wheels, Boxes, Trim Repair, Trim 

Polishing, Intakes, Valve Covers, Chrome, Big Rig/ Tractor 

Trailers, CNC/Billet, Metal Restaurant Equip. , Airplane/ Aero, Classic 

Grills, Antiques, Architectural, Motorcycle , Hot Rod