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Pennsylvania Polished valve cover

Elite Polishing supplies manufacturers from across the country including New Mexico with quality, service and competitive pricing. Elite Polishing Company's commitment to customer service, however, resulted in the continuous addition of new polishing lines and processes to keep up with the needs of customers.

To see a comprehensive description of the plating services offered, please refer to our home page. lite takes pride in its ability to undertake the most difficult jobs presented. In fact, the opportunity to take on the most challenging tasks is welcomed by employees seasoned with practical knowledge and expertise.

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wheels, Boxes, Trim Repair, Trim Polishing, Intakes, Valve 

Covers, Chrome, Big Rig/ Tractor Trailers, CNC/Billet, Metal Restaurant Equip. , Airplane/ Aero, Classic 

Grills, Antiques, Architectural, Motorcycle , Hot Rod