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Intake Manifold Polished Seattle, Washington

As a Seattle Washington pioneer and acknowledged innovator in the metal polishing industry, Elite Polishing Company has the most extensive experience available anywhere in solving your polishing problems and needs.

Our employees, engineers and management have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and utilization of metal finishing. Our ability to grind and polish with precision the very large pieces we see makes us unique in the industry. We can plolish flat and/or round surfaces with some of the largest buffers in the region. We understand your exacting standards need to be met whether you require extremely precise polishing or if you need only to have a light finishing of a few thousands of an inch. Either way we have the ability and the flexibility to work with you to meet your polishing needs.

We understand the urgency of turnaround times on repairs and meet those needs as well. 

Stainless Steel Aluminum Wheels Boxes Trim Repair Trim Polishing Intakes Valve Covers Chrome Big Rig/ Tractor Trailers CNC/Billet Metal Restaurant Equip.Airplane/ Aero Classic Grills Antiques Architectural Motorcycle Hot Rod