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Wyoming Metal Polishing Signs

Elite Polishing Company is your Wyoming metal polishing specialist!

Offering custom polishing for classic automobiles and antique automobile parts, motorcycle parts and airplane parts! Elite also specializes in polishing some itemss that other companies will work with including the polishing detailed parts casted from aluminum, brass or stainless steel. We also can polish almost any metal to a mirror shine! We can polish just about anything you can imagine--boat parts, pocket watches, door knobs, potbelly stoves, and much more.

Satisfying customers from all across the United States and beyond. Clients searching for the best in custom polishing repeatedly send us their items when high quality work is essential.

Stainless Steel Aluminum Wheels Boxes Trim 

Repair Trim Polishing Intakes Valve Covers Chrome Big 

Rig/ Tractor Trailers CNC/Billet Metal Restaurant 

Equip.Airplane/ Aero Classic 

Grills Antiques Architectural Motorcycle Hot Rod